Snapdragon 820-Test Leaked with Promising Results

Qualcomm is still one of the largest in the field of mobile processors and the next flagship model looks very promising

The vast majority of flagship phones on the Android side of the smartphone universe has a so-called SoC-System on a Chip from Qualcomm in the stomach, namely the popular Snapdragon series, and next-generation flagship chip will be tested right now. It has almost obviously provided some leaks.

Snapdragon 820 have been spotted on benchmark service AnTuTu where two versions have emerged-an A and a B version. GforGames, which has captured the following screenshot from the Chinese social media Weibo, speculates that it is an older and a newer test model from a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The text is in Chinese, and it restricts the editors ‘ ability to understand all the graphs, but the two graphs that are highlighted, should prove a Snapdragon 810 (green) in relation to the latest version of Snapdragon 820 (red).

The two graphs show the progress of the test parameter called ‘single threaded integer’ and the parameter named ‘single multi-threaded floating point’.

Zooms you out a little, so are the red graph top on most points, and it is to understand the Chinese language skills or not. Snapdragon 820 seems to be quite a capable SoC in the upcoming Android-flag ships.