Snap Chat Thank no to Facebook

The fast-growing messaging service, Snap chat, has said no to a purchase offer from Facebook, which otherwise sounded at 17 billion. Crowns.

Facebook has earlier this year tried to buy the popular messaging service, Snap chat, where the messages disappear after a few seconds. But the message service is not for sale-at least not yet–and not for only 17 billion kroner, which was what Facebook welcomed. It writes our site.

Snap chat serves, however, no money, and nor has the prospect of it in the near future, but why is it still set at a staggering billions.

Facebook the other day could present a quarterly accounts, where teenagernes the use of the social network was decreasing. Why could a decrease of Snap chat service have the younger users back in “hands” on Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal does not mean that Facebook is the only one interested buyer. Already have Facebook previously purchased Instagram.

Neither Snap chat or Facebook has wanted to comment on these rumours.