SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook on Your Watch!

Geek friends, hold your glasses in both hands. The watch of the future is now for sale. And not too expensive and more! Presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January, “SmartWatch” from Sony is now marketed in France. To make simple and effective as touch Apple devices: it is a portable device worn on the wrist and connected by bluetooth to the smartphone. The SmartWatch so lets see its SMS/MMS, emails, contacts, surfing social networks, check its RSS and its multimedia files… Bonus: it gives the time.

The video presentation of the Sony SmartWatch
There was the Rolex, 50, a failed life and Jacques Séguéla. Now, “he’ll have to tell if you’re a geek and you don’t have your SmartWatch, you don’t have Swag”.
The SmartWatch allows to receive all notifications from your smartphone without having to consult at all times. It runs on Android and is Bluetooth compatible. It has a touchscreen OLED 1.3 inch and a USB port. The manufacturer announced a battery life up to four days.
If the SmartWatch is compatible with the latest smartphones Sony and Sony Ericsson Xperia, it works in theory with most of Bluetooth compatible mobile and running Android. According to photionary, it can also connect to other bluetooth devices, such as a portable music player or a stereo system. Price: it will take counted 130 euros.
The first grip of the Sony SmartWatch
Fans of the brand to Apple to dry their tears immediately: the concept of “Smart Watch” is not entirely new. The “i’m Watch” presented in 2011 is compatible with the iPhone. pricewise, however, it is better to sell everything: it takes 250 euros and… 1700 euros!