Skeye Nano Drone: This Camera Drone Is Smaller Than The Palm Of Your Hand

TRNDlabs the Skeye Nano drone is the smallest camera drone of the world, which is freely available. It is smaller than the Palm of your hand, can persist in the air but just like their big brothers – as the professional drones of DJI – manufacturer’s and take photos as well as movies. A too high image quality are allowed but not expect her.

The Skeye Nano drone contains four mini-rotors, a camera and measures 3.98 3.98 cm x cm x 2.21 including power source just as report reported genius boy. The mini aircraft on an attached microSD card with a capacity of 2 GB stores the generated photos and videos. However, is the integrated camera for fun pictures or movies of opportunity, sensor picks up with a puny resolution of 0.3 megapixels. The recordings are likely to impact on Smartphone screens still pixelated.

Just A Few Minutes

But even if the Skeye Nano drone a candle not professional Quadricopters for film use in this area, it offers some nice features. So the mini drone required no start and landing: your owner can just throw them in the air – with the activation of the remote control, the drone starts automatically the flight. The Skeye Nano drone by the owner can remove up to 45 meters before the radio contact breaks down.

The drone uses a 120 mAh battery, but holding just for a flight time of three to four minutes with a charge as a power source. But even if the Skeye Nano drone offers only a short flight times and not just Megapixels the camera shows off, is the small plane after all, cheap to have: Just $69 Amazon in the United States for the small aircraft requires including remote control, rechargeable battery, USB cable and card.