Simyo Already Allows The Use of VoIP in Their Mobile Internet Rates

Now that increasingly seems to be less margin to continue lowering the rates of the OMVs, operators have begun to improve services related to the rates such as the recent case of mobile Eroski and MÁSmovil that pricing by blocks while in Simyo they already did and now, in addition to allow the use of services such as Skype to call over the internet.

Simyo has advanced that the use of VoIP will be allowed in any of their data rates from now on so it is hopefully not take in disappears such clause appearing in the legal terms of their contracts from the beginning. Other MVNOs is allowed where the use of VoIP are MÁSmovil, Pepephone and some incumbents rates as listed in our comparison.

Does it have something to do the announcement of that Europe will monitor closely the prioritization of traffic as well as legal services as the VoIP blocking? Be that as it may, let us hope that such improvements to continue spreading to the rest of the operators.