Simple Decorated Nails

Nail models with simple decorations – step by step

Decorated nails are at an all-time high for a while and every day appear more news. However, not always these decorations that have seen trend are the easiest to reproduce at home without going to the manicure. If you want to learn simple options to do it alone, check out the walkthrough below:

Nails decorated with metallic ribbon- to do this type of nail decoration, which by the way is one of the most easy, you only need two things, a glaze and gold or silver ribbons to decorate. Paint all nails and then stick the tape on the tip, leaving a space between the tape and the tip of the nail;

Nails decorated with glitter- this is another type of decor that can be quite simple, but if you want the person can make you more prepared. The simplest way is to paint all nails with a nail polish and choose one of them to apply the glitter. This is the famous nail an only child. If you want, you can also make the tips of the nails with glitter or make drawings, like triangles glitter;

Nails decorated with stickers from those who do not have the ability to perform nail designs, just choose the card with the desired pattern. Paint your nails with nail polish that you see fit and apply the adhesive, which can be placed in all the nails or just in one, as you wish. Finally, pass a layer of top coat to protect the adhesive.