Shopping in Milan

What shops do you not miss in Milan this summer if only there a couple of dar and have limited time for shopping? Are there any special clothing one should look at in addition to costumes and shoes?

I have unfortunately only been in Milan once and is absolutely not an expert on the subject, but will try to answer your question as well as possible. Many people associate Milan’s world famous shopping in the golden triangle, consisting of the four streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea and Via della Spiga. This area is just a few steps from the Cathedral, the heart of Milan. Along these streets and nearby all the world’s major fashion house representerde with exclusive shops that should be able to satisfy the most discerning shoppingfantasten. It must be said that this is not for the budget-minded, but overall prices are soaring. However, it is quite a mixed range, with everything from high fashion brands such as Prada and Missoni to those a bit more classic as Kiton and Corneliani. For anyone who is a fan of Giorgio Armani ‘s flagship store in Via Monzani, which is right next to the golden triangle is well worth a visit. Regardless of the size of the wallet, however, it is a very pleasant experience to wander around this area and inspired by Italian outfit.

In the Cathedral is the stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (pictured), where several well-known brands, including Tod’s and Hat specialist Borsalinos flagskeppsbutik. Just next door is also the Department store La Rinascente marketing most well-known brands. Personally, I think brands’ own stores are much nicer, and the price level is basically the same.

Shopping in Milan

10 Corso Como is the closest to an institution of high trendy fashion and also a very nice never dull. The deal has the same name as the street where it is located, and are now owned by the editor of Italian Vogue. You see, Corso Como is the hip lifestyle personified.

For the more budget-minded, there are a number of different outlets both in the Centre and outside the city and online. I was unfortunately unable to visit one of these during my trip and cannot say anything about them. this link, however, has a pretty good summary on outletsaffärerna and maybe have you readers own experiences? I did, however, visit Etrosoutlet, Via Spartaco 3, which I think is well worth a visit for those who like color and pattern rich clothes and fabrics. Fairly reasonable prices. Otherwise, it is a personal favourite chain store Bogie, which sells classic clothes very affordable. Among other things, very stylish shirts of high quality. Around in Milan.

Whether there are items for which the range is especially good in Milan is quite difficult to answer. Milan has something for everyone. Much of fashion is really there, but the classic courage exists as mentioned earlier are also well represented. Läderaccesoarer, however, is something that can be hard to find at home, but there are plenty of in Milan. Stylish bags, shoes and purses, there are, however, significantly more than in Sweden even if if the price level is quite high.