SFW: Lars Wallin’s Best So Far

It is a great collection he presents, Lars Wallin, and display takes nearly half an hour. Especially large, it becomes when you consider that it is only his third in the order as an independent commercial designer. New from autumn is the Division of the collection in three sections: Business, Fashion and partying.

A single button on the jacket, send Wallin on the catwalk in the showroom filled to the brim on Östermalm. A lot, especially in the beginning, is gray, kavajernas cutting is low and glencheck-pattern appearance. Trench coats, coats and jackets in various grades are also shown up in everything from peachy kashmir to treated leather.

Sometimes it becomes too much. Pink glencheck-patterned costume is hard to sell in Sweden, It also applies to the outfits where the boxes completely takes over and the patterned coats in bright colors, such as red and blue, is not really the right time, even though it provides a glamorous image to the wearer.

The trouser waist is high, but not extremely high and the silhouette range from garment to garment.

More shoes from the first collection is still there, and the fall has a couple of new models, that matches very well the rest of the range of clothing.

Afterwards, explains Lars Wallin for me that the choice of display location, showroom, came because he wanted that intimate and focus on materials, which is of course more to their right of audience members sitting near.

Lars Wallin is commercial and sensitive to changing trends, but don’t fall for the pressure from the masses, but continues to deliver garments directly seemingly straight from the heart. This can certainly call his strongest collection to date, and the launch in Sweden and Denmark (also Germany is on the way) get to soon be followed by more countries. This may well be a new Swedish export success and pave the way for Swedish clothing in the upper price segment abroad. It comes as natural that Lars Wallin who goes first in the train.