SFW: Exclusive Tailoring of Rickard Lindqvist

Fashion week includes not only the big brands ‘ views. Even smaller, more unestablished designers, and takes place. And to reach out with his message as a small player, it is as familiar to stick out, which is not always so easy. But with a personal salutation and clothes in small editions can go a long way. One who has realized it’sRickard Lindqvist, an exciting new Göteborgsdesigner, which on Tuesday showed off their clothes in a different manner, to say the least.

Fashionable address for display–half a stone’s throw from Stureplan–but a right tight and a little rough showroom. Perfect for the purpose! Set piece helped interested people to find their way, but before any show could begin where eight people had to be present. Why? We wondered, after a moment of waiting, when we still missing three people to be eight.We would soon become aware.

When this quota is filled, we were led into an aisle. To the right stood a wall in front of her with holes the size of heads. We were asked to put your face into the holes. Yours truly got to stand on a wobbly firm to reach the top hole, while older women who were a bit finer in the edge wondering what in all its dar this would be good for. In the end we all had, however, stuck an heads and saw a flash light when a photo was taken. When we took out the faces out of the holes and walked around on the other side of the wall, we saw what was there. Eight dressed-up mannequins were lined up and we just had “filled in” faces. We all got a picture of us that was signed by Rickard himself and then it was just to check out his self-designed clothing on models.

It is therefore not a large collection to talk about, it is estimated that more than 25 pieces. Among them two suits, one gray and one at tweed material. And so two coats. A warm red, double-breasted trench coat with fine, albeit right banal details, such as the shoulder straps and a wide belt at the waist, which nevertheless gave a thorough impression.And so a beige-Brown single-breasted with weak stripes of fabric. Some Plaid shirts in different colors and a white Ditto with big volume and clear vibes from the 1800 ‘s. A pair of black bringing Nice slacks with high waist and collar belt and jeans with sewn stripes that bolts to the legs. Finally, a long cardigan in the viable rust-red tint and with uneven buttoning. The garment that has been on sale in the autumn has been mostly t-shirts, shirts and jeans. The price for those 900, 1800 and 2300 pounds.

28-year-old Rickard Lindqvist may seem to be an up-and-coming in the context, but he is already well qualified. Several awards both nationally and internationally for their creations and with internship with Vivienne Westwood in the trunk, he managed to get his degree collection from the Swedish school of textiles in Borås onStrindbergsmuséet and on This way, we get a lot of attention.

The mark is found on the Scout in Gothenburg, on Weekday in Stockholm and Gothenburg and from our even on Weekday in Malmö. A sample collection is sent to a Japanese agent to go on sale in there and sale to Copenhagen is also not far away in time.

For some things go awfully fast!

(The pictures are not from Stockholm show, but belong to the same collection including jacket which was shown on pharmacylib.com)