Self Portraits Made Easy: Selfie Apps for Android

Selfies are still extremely popular especially in social networks. So that you can select the self portraits, edit, and publish, there are a number of Selfie apps for Android. We have compiled a list of common and unusual applications.

Photochron: Snapshots at Regular Intervals

The free application Photocron works as a mnemonic device: once a day you will be reminded to take a snapshot. The made pictures a short time lapse film can be created from then on demand, which makes visually visible daily changes — the most common example might be Noah, who for six years has made this. The images are viewable as a slideshow. This kind of photo diary is especially effective if you take up the Selfie always in the same place.

1 Second Everyday: A Selfie Video Daily

The principle of application 1 second everyday is so similar to that of Photocron – short film sequences are recorded here but instead of photos. So you can hold effective not only yourself, but also the tone and the atmosphere in a place. The app automatically sorted the recordings to date and can remember every day at the reception. The short film sequences can be collected depending on the need for a week, a month or a year and published directly in social networks. Also 1 second everyday is available in the store in the play by Google.

Snapchat: Limited Visibility

Snapchat is one of the most famous Selfie apps that are available free of charge. The main attraction of Snapchat is the ability to set the display duration of the images on the device of the recipient – after this time, the photos are automatically deleted. While you should keep but in the back of the head, that the addressee has the ability to permanently store the received image screenshot. The app is also handy, because you can record the images from within the application, label, and send.

Pocketbooth: Passport Photos as from the 50s

Interest in retro charm? The app Pocketbooth will allow you to record in-style of photographs from the 1950s with your Smartphone or Tablet Selfies. Single shots as well as the classic Quad series is available with Pocketbooth. Four color modes are available: antique, black and white, color and sepia. The resulting photos with nostalgic flair can be simply sent via Facebook, Twitter or email. The application of Pocketbooth is available for 1.53 euros play store by Google.

Snapseed: Simple Post-Production

The app Snapseed is an image editing software, with which you can provide your Selfies with effects and filters through a few settings. The application provides, for example, a car correction function to improve the exposure and color. There’s a fine tune and the way to improve the representation of individual objects. Also the crop, rotate and add effects like black and white or a frame are possible.

Cat Snaps: Selfies for Cats

Cat snaps with your cat of Selfies can absorb is a rather extraordinary application. The app works best on tablets: there a light spot appears after the activation, moving. This allows to animate the Katz, to touch the screen with your paw. As soon as she does, a photo is taken of her. Optionally, also a mouse across the screen can scurry instead of the point. Cat snaps is available free for download.


Selfie apps in the market is great, which is why only a small selection of applications is described. Photocron and 1 second everyday are intended in the first place, to make regular shots to create a summary for a certain period of time from it later. Who wants to publish his images not as snapshots, can manipulate to quickly and easily with Snapseed. Snapchat serves mainly the quick transfer of Selfies in social networks, while Pocketbooth allows unusual photos. The application of cat snap is fun for cat lovers – however, it can take a while until a usable image of the dogs.