São Paulo to Earn More 64.5 Km of Bicycle Routes

If The Goal Is Met, It Will Be About 2 Kilometers More Tracks Per Di. This Saturday, CET Will Implement Another 13.4 Km Of Bike Paths In The Capital

The City Hall announced Friday that it will deliver another 64.5 kilometers of bike paths in the month of September. If the goal is met, it will be about 2 kilometers more of tracks per day in São Paulo. Only this Saturday, 06, the Traffic Engineering Company (CET) will implement another 13.4 km of bike paths in the capital.

Among the novelties is the seventh stretch of the historic center bicycle path. There will also be a strip to take the cyclists to the Worker’s Sports Park, in Tatuapé, in the east.

Since June, the management of the mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) has delivered 44.9 km of bicycle paths in the city. With the goal stipulated by the City Hall for this month, the amount will rise to 107.9 km.

The number takes into account 63 km of bicycle path that the municipal administration inherited from the former mayor Gilberto Kassab (PSD) and the state government bicycle lanes on the banks of the Pinheiros River, next to the tracks of Line 9-Esmeralda of Companhia Paulista de Trains Metropolitans (CPTM).

The goal of the City Hall is to do 400 km of bike paths by 2015. “We are looking for as far as possible to connect (the new bike lanes) with public facilities, such as bus terminals, train stations, subways and parks,” explained the Transport Secretary Jilmar Tatto.

He believes that as the measure is intensified in São Paulo, drivers have begun to get used to the measure, just as the tracks will have more presence of cyclists.


Later this year, Tatto plans to submit to the City Council a bill to create a concession for public bicycle service via http://www.transporthint.com/. The model that will be adopted is still under analysis.

Initial studies by the Municipal Transport Office indicate that, in order to serve the whole city in an integrated way with the bicycle lanes, São Paulo would need 50,000 public bicycles scattered at 5,000 points. According to Tatto, the only certainty on the subject is the form of payment of the service. “The orientation of the mayor is that the bicycle must be integrated with the Single Ticket,” explained Secretary Tatto.