Samsung VR Glasses Soon Ready for Consumers

The first version was mostly for developers, but now Samsung is ready with virtual reality for consumers with a new edition.

Samsung Gear VR has been a thing for a while, but they have until now had the extra ‘ Innovator Edition ‘ in the name. The Samsung has now thrown away in a new version of virtual reality eyewear, which this time is aimed at consumers.

Biggest difference is perhaps the price is halved compared to the first generation of Samsung Gear VR-price is at 99 dollars, corresponding to small 700 crowns, when the glasses can be purchased in the United States later this year. It writes our site.

The first incarnation of Samsung Gear VR could only work with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but now will work with all Samsung Samsung Gear VR 2015-phones.

In order to make the experience better have Samsung Gear VR also kicked 22 percent of its weight, just like the pads on eyewear has a new design to sit better on the head.

You are not inside the virtual reality, you might think, if this is something for you. It is, of course, is honest case, but big players like Facebook, Netflix, Twitch and 20th Century Fox have all announced that they are in favour and will create content for this particular platform.

Samsung’s press release mentions only a price and a cirkatidspunkt for the launch in the United States-so no information on, for example, Denmark in this respect.