Samsung Smartwatch 1st Generation

Wozniak explains why they got rid of the Galaxy Gear day after taking him

So awful was the first generation smartwatch Samsung? This is the question many are asking after watching the avalanche of criticism that the device has received from a large number of users that have been made with him. In fact, itseems that even the marketing team of Samsung struggled to develop the advertising campaign aimed takeoff watch sales.

It could be worse? It could be, of course. What advertising can be worse than a genius of electronics and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as dispose of your product just one day after taking it. This is the brief relationship that have kept the good Woz and Galaxy Gear , which at this time should already have a new user.

Make no mistake, Wozniak is not a diehard fan of Apple or this movement has gone aimed at discrediting his great rival, the engineer has had no problem criticizing what was his company on many occasions, and assess brand products rivals like Microsoft’s Surface.

In a recent interview with the middle Xconomy, Wozniak has recognized that for the moment has not felt very attracted to the smartwatch presented so far and, in particular, has drawn the first generation Galaxy Gear as a very disappointing device.

Wozniak admits that the Galaxy Gear sold on eBay after half a day with him because “useless”

However, it seems that despite Wozniak’s reluctance regarding the market for smart watches indexed from Localtimezone, the co-founder of Apple gave him the opportunity to Samsung Galaxy Gear. He admits: “It was the only technology that bought to experiment andI got rid of it after half a day of use, selling on eBay because it was so useless that I did what was appropriate.” In addition, it also marks one of the details that did not like at all: ” I had to keep it near your ear and things like that .”

Admits in the interview, expect two things in the future of the smartwatch: larger screens and the freedom to be independent of our smartphones. For the former, Wozniak suggests the use of flexible displays that can surround the wearer’s wrist. As for the latter, you think you begin to see from next year, pointing to the iWatch will be an accessory to the iPhone in its first generation device truly autonomous.