Samsung Sells 800,000 Galaxy Gear on Two Months

Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s smartwatch, selling surprisingly well.

Samsung Galaxy Gear is the world’s most popular smartwatch. Sales have since its debut two months ago, rounded 800,000 units writes our site News Agency.

Samsung says from South Korea that the sale is better than their own expectations, although it is unclear whether the figures cover sales to shops or end users.

Galaxy Gear joins the new product category with portable gadgets, but reviews of the product, has not been unequivocally positive.

One of the problems is that Gear only works with selected Samsung’s smartphones. Sony’s competing product Smartwatch 2 works with a much broader portfolio of Android products across different manufacturers.

At the presentation of the Galaxy, said research firm Gartner, to Gear the smartwatch-producers must be able to create thin and fashionable devices, in order to be able to get hold of customers.