Samsung Releases Android 4.3 Update to Note 2

Samsung Galaxy 2 Will Be Soon Updated to Android 4.3.

There have been rumors that Samsung was working on an update for Galaxy Note 2, so this unit could come up on Android 4.3.

Samsung has earlier announced that the update would be ready in December, but according to our site comes the somewhat earlier out to customers.

In the new software we find access to compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Gear, as well as a number of other features and improvements, for example, Samsung Wallet and Knox. Also the user interface has been given a few improvements.

In General, there has been a number of features from the newer models, down in Note 2.

Udruldningen of Android 4.3 moving Galaxy Note 2 up from Android 4.1.2, happening over the next few weeks. Therefore, not all will receive the update at the same time.