Samsung Galaxy SIII: Confirmed The Four Nuclei and LTE Connectivity

Is lighter than the water we come irretrievably close to the presentation of the year most anticipated Android smartphone, and far from starting the debate on whether it will be a disappointment or a revolution, what is clear is that they rain down rumors every day that passes.

This time at least the information is more than informed, and it is coming directly from an officer of the own Samsung, in an interview with The Korea Times has given to understand certain specifications that would mount the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Apparently, and without that has transcended its name, Samsung employee talked about the fact that we have been noting in recent months, and is that Samsung wants to disassociate itself from Qualcomm and other manufacturers hardware platforms to take the road to the construction of its own hardware from the base.

As it has transcended, the expected terminal of the Korean firm would be another standard-bearer of this policy, since it would have a processor Samsung Exynos quad-core, What would be the most powerful platform for Samsung, although based on ARM Cortex-A9 instead of A15. The full connectivity for CDMA/LTE would be integrated into the own chip, which will confirm that the Galaxy SIII, prori, will be compatible with new high speed mobile networks.

Although we all feel like ending already incessant dripping images, leaks and rumors, the truth is that nothing we know of dates and/or launch, though by the very fact that there are so many filtered data, should not be far away from meeting the new flagship of Samsung.