Samsung Galaxy S7 May Come Earlier Than Expected

Samsung Galaxy S-flagksibe the last two years has been on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but maybe it will be earlier this year.

The now well-known Samsung Galaxy S-series had begun to follow a pattern. The last two versions are in fact come in the context of the major telecommunications trade fair in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress or MWC, which usually lie at the end of February or early in March. The upcoming version, however, may come even earlier.

A reshuffle in Samsung’s development process has made that South Koreans can cut a lot of time of the development cycle, as a new flagship to go through. A South Korean media writes that Samsung Galaxy S7 already can come first in the month of February.

Samsung’s other flagship series, the Note series, came a bit earlier than expected this year, and it could mean a small shift in Samsung’s planning. The timing is something that is high on the list when a new flagship to be launched-among other things in relation to comparison with direct competitors, which can come at the same time.

Speculation, however, that the early date for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S7 can be reserved for Samsung’s home country of South Korea.

Samsung’s top has previously aired idea that home country could get a head start when it came to getting your hands on the newest flagship models.