Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: The Best Phablet You Can Get the [TEST]

Review: Samsung takes his best-ever phone and makes it even bigger. It comes that another mobilhit out of.

Samsung S6 Edge is so far the year’s absolute top scorer here at our site. With excellent performance, excellent camera and a futuristic design that causes any other mobile to view elderly out, impresses S6 Edge both in manuscript and on store shelves.

When Samsung so take this excellent recipe and make it both larger and thinner, there is reason to rejoice. Name is virtually unchanged, for it gets just a little extra plus sign slammed the back of, but behind the small plus hiding a mighty phone.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Goal: 75.8 x 6.9 mm x 154.4, 153 grams
Screen: 5.7 “Quad HD AMOLES, 518 PPI
Performance: Exynos 7420 octa-core (4 x 2 + 4×1, 1 GHz, 5 GHz), 4 GB RAM
Camera: 16MP 1/2.6 “sensor, f/1.9 lens with OIS, 4 k video, 5MP front camera
Storage: 32 or 64 GB + 100 GB OneDrive cloud-storage
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g cat 9. (450 mbps)
Moreover: heart rate monitor, finger print reader, available in black, silver, gold
Price: from 6,999.0 €

Let’s start with the obvious – S6 Edge + is great. As in Samsung’s Note-phones widths over 5.7 inch screen, placing it beyond ordinary mobile phones and reminder the up in the so-called phablet-class.

But if it is considerably larger, understand Samsung to refine it pretty Edge-design further. The borders around the display is even narrower, so the whole shebang now only 75 mm wide – just narrow enough to be held with one hand.

In fact, the a few millimeter narrower and shorter than Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus, a feat, because the screen is bigger.

You will see the Edge of the page appears almost as a line in the air. A product of the thin profile on 6, 9 mm and aluminium frame’s disappearance under the curved display. At the same time, weight 40 grams less than in Apple’s flagship – all of which makes the phone refined, literally.

It is easy, however, does not mean that it seems fragile. A strong aluminum frame runs around the curved display and stiffener phone of, while both the front and back are protected to the newest and strongest Gorilla Glass 4.

Tighter design

Do you S6 Edge and Edge + side-by-side, you will quickly notice that there is talk about an overgrown Edge. It is very close to the truth, but small details are worth noticing.

Zoom in on the aluminum frame, is this for example, pulled up by the suggestion of a fold lengthwise. At the same time, Edge + less rounded on the top and bottom which tightens up on the design.

Volume, power and home buttons, as well as the finish is, however, completely unchanged. A smart detail though is that you can trippelklikke on homeknappen in order to get a reduced version of the skærmenm where everything can be reached with one hand. Another nifty feature is the split screen which can be accessed from the multitasking button.

The home button is a fixture in the Samsung phones, but houses, as in Galaxy S6 a well-functioning fingerprint reader that can be used to unlock the phone up, but also in cooperation with Samsung Pay when payment solution once come to Denmark.

The color palette is almost the same as in S6 Edge. You can choose between black, white or gold. Only difference is that the fine emerald green version swapped out with a ‘ titanium silver ‘, with a glossy, mirror-like finish.


Same features as the Edge – and a step backwards

On the equipment front Edge and Edge + S6 is similar. You will have again the same fingerprint reader as in the younger brother, an infrared camera on the back that measure heart rate and assists the main camera – and finally a camera, as in its predecessor juts almost 2 millimeters apart from the back, and it is the idt too bad.

As in the rest of the S6-mobiles Samsung destroy the ability to switch out the battery and extend the storage space. It happens as the Samsung does reduce battery.

Unlike the lesser S6, each of which got a boost from 16 GB to 32 GB of the basic package, will be cheapest Edge + ekviperet with 32 GB, just as in last year’s Note Edge. Are you also a major consumer of storage space you have to look far for a 128 GB option.

But speaking of Note.

S6 Edge + represents the absolute top in Samsung’s range, a fact which is underlined by a towering starting price of 6,999.0-dollars for the cheapest 32 GB variant. You will have 32 GB more space on top, soft additional one thousand dollars – which results in a significantly higher price per GB than even at Apple.

At the same time, you get none of Note-the show’s many features of the pen which characterizes the Note 5, is nowhere to be found.

Samsung S6 Edge + therefore not quite as the ultimate phone in Samsung’s line-up. Therefor you must have hold of Galaxy Note 5, but it is so far not to Denmark – and so has the not Edgens fine design. So it is either or.

Yet another great screen

Front the party’s big attraction must be said to be displayed. The sweeps elegantly around the sides, and in relation to younger brother Edge, it seemed larger surface area to get content to pop even more out of the screen.

As with Samsung displays generally, colors and contrast a tad exaggerated, it is flattering for most content, but my retinas get sometimes a sugar shock by the eager palette.

Change the display setting to ‘ basic ‘ fades the colors down and be more precise – which provides more vivid colors and a pleasant version of your content.

The screen excels not only indoors, and screws compelling up here under the autumn sun. When the contrast at the same time, the towering and viewing angles is extremely broad, you will get here a display is always easy to decipher.

Last great pleasure with this monitor is the Quad-HD resolution. It is an excellent match to the screen size, where you have to press your nose against the screen, emphatically before you will be able to surmise the individual pixels.

All in all, the screen is something close to perfection in Samsung’s newest star. But the show does not stop here.

In order to take advantage of the curved edges to more than just flaunt, Samsung has baked some features into the curved sides.

Most useful is the so-called ‘ Apps Edge ‘ and ‘ People Edge ‘. Flick in from the side, and you will pull up to five predefined favorite contacts, flick a second time, and you get your five favorite apps.

On the other hand, is more questionable usefulness in Edge-light and Edge-list. It looks nice when page her skirt lights up when receiving calls or messages, but it is basically redundant.

Edge offers a subtle notifications overview of weather, time and a custom news feed – but only as a thin stripe on the screen, and only if you run your finger up and down along the sides at the right pace.

Lots of easy audio

The lavish display requires a proper audio. This is ensured by a lone speaker at the bottom which can be easy to screens for, but which on the other hand, if it is given free rein.

That impresses and gets even lydspecialister as HTC One M9 to fade away. On the sound quality can, however, do not wrest the Throne from Edge + M9, the bass is something lame. Audio file should resort to a dedicated headset instead.

Samsung supplied headset has long been a favorite on the editors, but be replaced as in S6 of a new design. The new headset is exceptionally pleasant due to its coating of soft-touch silicone, but unfortunately the sound quality is noticeably degraded compared to its predecessor. It is a shame.


Power-trippet continues

S6, S6, S6 Edge Edge + and Note 5 shares all the fastest mobile processor to date: Exynos 7420. It is signed by the Samsung myself, and have 8 fast continuous cores to offer-and in Edge + get it an extra GB of RAM to work with 4 GB in total.

The topper in al simplicity all of the benchmarks you might throw at it-and in practice translate force surplus on convincing show.

The multitasker with flying colours and promptly switch between apps, which is welcome, since you have the large canvas to work with.

It is especially when you open large heavy applications such as game XCOM: Enemy Within, for the built-in memory is an SSD-like type, which can be read faster than it as mobile phones possess.

The battery is on in the Note 3,000 mAh like Edge, which is through the slit, but ever-resulting in an approved operating time on one to one and a half day. It will satisfy the vast majority on near the keenest power-users who want to mourn that the battery cannot be replaced, as in last year’s Note 4 and Note the Edge.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to pour power on your phone again. A supplied quick charger delivers 50% power at just half an hour, while a full refueling subordinated to just an hour later. Wireless charging is also possible, for most wireless standards are supported.

All the muscle force requires its network and that elevates S6 Edge + over its lesser siblings by connecting it both faster and more stable. With support of networking speeds of up to 450 mbps is the future-proof for a number of years yet.

Software: a small development

With S6 and S6 Edge laid the seeds of new times with great Samsung manufacturer. Several S-generations of reading of software functions should we harness, and the result was a, for Samsung, very minimalistic and simple interface.

This early-on-a-fresh is again finding in S6 Edge + and are again welcome. The general impression is further tightened up at the same time, with the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, for icons are redesigned and Edge-apps have come to.

The actual notification the curtain and the settings are still simple to navigate, and it seems like that Samsung has finally achieved the right balance between functionality and minimalism.

With One S6 Edge + follows however, an expansive software package, with among other things, a flip chart, Microsoft Office and OneDrive, message-apps like Skype, Whatsapp and Messenger. That is how much all together excellent applications, but I would now prefer even having to choose which should fill on my phone, for they can not be uninstalled.

Samsung has continued their unique heart rate monitor built into the back next to the camera lens. It works again excellent, but Edge + is, however, too large a handful that I can imagine someone will have with them during the wild sports activities.

Heart rate monitor contains new features that make it useful, however, outside the training camp: it can now trigger selfie-camera, but can also measure your stress level, SpO2 values and apply them in Samsung’s health app: S-Health.

A great camera

Next to the heart rate monitor, and its dubious usefulness, you rediscover what makes Samsung’s S6-series for one of the very biggest stars on mobile heaven: a unique camera.

With S6 moved Samsung for in earnest from the rest of the market with a mobile camera that excels under all lighting conditions.

Whether you are a kulkælder or on an alpine peak, is the exposure in the top, and HDR-ripe is effective to heave high dynamics with natural results. At the same time, the Department provides 16 megapixels of sharp optics, for there are plenty of details to match the competitors with 20 or 23 megapixels.

Since S6 Edge appeared is another key function encountered. You can now capture photos in RAW, giving more options to edit your favorite photos in a program like Adobe Photoshop.

Camera module is, however, unchanged compared to the 6-month-old S6, but even when it is put up against the newer cameras from Sony Z5 series and Apple’s iPhone 6S manages the front to defend his position, thanks to an effective optical image stabilization.

At a few points, however, are not best. S6 Edge + When the light is in short supply takes the very detailed and noise free photos, but the results have an unfortunate tendency to be somewhat yellowed. Samsung should at the same time, consider also using scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal to protect the lens – especially because it is somewhat exposed due to the phone’s design.

On the video front are S6 Edge also velekviperet. Entering the sharp 4 k with the market’s most effective h. 265 codec. It ensures that the big video files not stealing too much of the storage space, but requires a powerful PC with the latest software, when files to be played.

The optical stabilization makes it again well by reducing the effect of caffeine shaking hands.

Finally, the front camera same approved module as from Samsung S6 Edge which gives excellent selfies, but again suffer the suffered from a tendency to slightly for the yellow-or Ruddy results under low light.

An expensive and nice case

With S6 Edge + has not changed it’s sized in the Samsung that made S6 Edge to a darling at our site editing.

You get a unique camera, still potent performance and

When Samsung has also tightened the design a bit, and improved a little here and there, there is almost nothing to expose on this wonderful mobile.

Should it just be the price.

With a price tag beginning at 6,999 kroner extra Bill for the big screen is hard to swallow. When Samsung at the same time take care more than well paid for the upgrade to 64 GB storage as a mobile with topambitioner should have it will not be more palatable.

I am therefore compelled to tinker a half star from S6 Edgens top marks. Edge + is the best phablet on the market today, Yes, but sometimes you can also pay the gold too expensive.

We therefore on lands 5 ½ stars out of 6.