Romantic Valentine’s Day Heart Jewelry

Nothing is so special as your love. And in addition to the small attentions on the year, also the Valentine’s day offers the perfect opportunity to impress your sweetheart. February 14 is the time for declarations of love and gifts that come from the heart. Inspired by romantic and sweet gems and discover the ideal gifts for lovers.

Precious Stones Or Diamonds

If you want to make an extraordinary gift your loved one for Valentine’s day, are pieces of jewelry, combine the gems and diamonds. For example, a lovingly crafted ring with a flat, faceted Rhodolite Garnet in an intense purple color and a heart motif with brilliant-cut diamonds. The model in 18-carat pink gold combines a roughly five Carat gem and 12 brilliant-cut diamonds to a flamboyant ring.

When it’s done you especially the diamond heart, also a ring made of 18-karat Rosé gold with 24 diamonds is excellent as a Valentine’s gift.

Heart Valentine’s Day

Where you can see: Valentine’s day is all about the color of love and heart shapes of course. Charming earrings in elegant Rosé gold with tourmalines in heart shape is an excellent gift for the 14th of February. The jewelry pieces of the loved collection leave the individual style of your loved one excellent space. Chandelier earrings with five aquamarines and eight red tourmalines are particularly nice to feminine dresses and special occasions by their refined and charming design. The hoops this collection fit, however, also ideal for business looks and are elegant and romantic piece of jewelry.

Loving Jewelry in Pink

The ruby is one of the most valuable and sought after jewels, according to rrrjewelry. He is so in demand mainly due to its fascinating colour. Beautifully accentuated he comes exclusive gemstone in a beautifully designed heart pendant made of 18-karat white gold. An elegant necklaces passage on the back makes it an outstanding eye-catcher. The Ruby heart-cut is surrounded by 16 rubbed diamonds and sparkles so to the highest degree.

But also a delicate pendant 18-carat Rosé gold with a red cabochon tourmaline is a picture-perfect gift for Valentine’s day. As a one-off, the gorgeous piece of jewelry can be worn beautifully but also combined with other fine chain.

Diamonds on Valentine’s Day

The diamond is considered King of gemstones through its special luster and its lighting effects. Also your sweetheart is as unique as a beautiful diamond. That is why, diamond jewelry is the perfect Valentine’s day gift. A trailer with a brilliant cut diamond heart cut in a fine frame holder made of 18-karat yellow gold is very loving.

Fabulous consistent with a ring in yellow gold with a matching diamond.

The jewelry duo looks elegant and fits any occasion. An excellent proof of love which can close at any time take the love.

The ring “Portofino” holds the diamond heart cut with three prongs and sparkles in addition through 20 page diamonds very nice.

Popular Gems on February 14

But Valentine’s day it must be not always manufactured jewelry. Individual gemstones heart cut are extremely sensitive and are also suitable as an investment. Two of the most sought-after gems are the Emerald and Ruby, whose intense Farben extremely passionate and exceptionally. For example, a 2,27-karätiger emerald in a vibrant blue-green with fine cut or a Ruby of something over two carats are outstanding romantic gifts.