Rock Chick Clothing New Look

Being rocker is above all have their own style of dress. Rock and clothing style fan not much follows the fashion rules, only your own concept of how to change the look, how to combine in their style and many symbolic objects. The look rock has no fad, but trends that sometimes are repeated in others, but it is free and the combinations do not always make sense.

The accessories rock look repeated and almost always present in boys and girls are the shoes All Star or boots barrel black top, plaid skirt for them, leather strap and leather collar with metal collar type. It’s all very basic and sometimes so cheap that gives up desire to buy just to feel unique and differentiated. Black is the basic color of the eye but not the only one. You can have colors like neon, provided they are irreverent and you short.

Element’s to Put Together a Look Rock

Rare are the cases blouse with glitter and patterned with flowers with this combination. The champion appearances with personalities such as visual Gwen Stephanie and Courtney Love’s cotton shirt with famous bands prints. If you enjoy the bands already know what to use. If you do not know, look for classic bands international rock like Nirvana, Slipknot, Led Zeplin, The Doors, Fri Pistols and the like. Still worth the national Capital Inicial, Urban Legion (yes, rock is considered!), Among others.

And can other prints? Yes you can. Rockers with a gothic touch like pretty shirt with famous songs sentences with skull designs or even faces of famous singers. The most common is Kurt Cobain , former leader of Nirvana.


And at the bottom? If not chess as the English and North American rockers love to use, stay in basic jeans. Valley shorts, pants, skirts curtinha or skirt. The shoes are always comfortable, no high heels, preferably sneakers. For a more modern version it’s sneaker, always a good choice for a good show or hours at parties. Flat sandals are less common, but go well with this look light and loose.


Tips Rock Looks

Pants and leather jacket together are part of a leather look, but less common, like the great artists of the 90s. The leather pants tried to go back a few years ago but seems to have pleased both and still generates distrust of the Brazilian climate and do not get too corny. It also is not the most comfortable pieces in hot cities, then the jeans is the best option for the visual. In more discreet earrings and always with a dark and gothic touch of light, such as metalized pin earrings, a lot of steel, skulls and the like. The more stylish and increased cooler will stay.