Reese Witherspoon New Fashion Line

Reese Witherspoon never stops. Actress, mom and designer as well. He has just launched its new business, James Draper, a clothing line and decoration for the house that is inspired by stylish grandparents Nashville
Reese Witherspoon has become a business woman. The formation of the American movie star makes even this is not enough to only know how to act, sing, dance (which already would be something), they also want to cross, resourceful, and so did Reese. 

Reese launched very recently his line lifestyle Draper James, inspired by his beloved grandparents Nashville, Dorothea Draper and  William James Witherspoon. Lovers of style and good manners, Reese recalled that his grandmother was driving only white Cadillac wearing immaculate gloves, do not she never took off her string of pearls from the neck nor the wedding ring. His grandfather, however, had a lush garden as well as gifts to neighbors vegetable baskets every week.  

A healthy way, genuine and bon ton of southern people who Reese has dedicated a brand that could export his personal lifestyle from the house to the wardrobe.

In addition to online shopping (we spotted the gold charms in the shape of cowboy boots and a chicken bone, enamel bracelets, the denim line and a stationery line) there are many useful tips on how to prepare a meal with easy-chic girlfriends or find the addresses secrets of Reese in Nashville to enjoy the sights, the music and the authentic atmosphere of America, the South super stylish.