Read Only What is Important in Google Reader with the Help of Post Rank

Who lives seeking information on the internets time or another you will come across a problem: to be buried under an avalanche of articles. With just over 300 feeds signed in Google Reader, I’m already feeling this effect for some time. On average I get to receive 1.5000 new posts a day on the reader, but most goes unnoticed when I’m looking for guidelines.

And if there was one of my clone to read all the articles and automatically selects what is important to Google Reader? My troubles are over, now it exists! That is, if you change the part of the ‘clone my’ for ‘web service’. You’ll probably have to change the ‘now’ too, because it is a service that is available for a long time and only now discovered that there is. It is called Post Rank.

The service itself is monitoring and analysis of various data with specific focus on social media. But he also has a group of extensions that can be useful for those who use Google Reader and is constantly with the score +1000.

What the extension does is to look at various social networks links of articles that are in Google Reader. He then gathers data on how many links to that article were posted on the network and runs a secret algorithm (which to my knowledge is more to the side of magic than programming), then assigning a score from 0 to 10 for the article.

After that, you can organize notes into categories through an item in the drop-down menu that appears after the Refresh button. Select one of the four categories will highlight specifically for articles with above chosen Question notes and hide those with a score below. Good highlights items with grades above 2.7, Great does the same with notes of articles 5.4 and above and Best highlights articles that were above 7.6 points. With this, you already know which articles are successful in networks and who may have relevant information.

The Post Rank free offers their extensions to Google Reader for browsers Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. In the case of Firefox, however, it is a script which requires the extension Grease Monkey. Just install the version that suits you. Unfortunately Internet Explorer users were left out.