Radio Control Helicopter Reviews

E-Bestar Big Airplane TZ50

We conclude our top 5 with what I believe to be one of the best models sold online, as well as the best radio-controlled helicopter in absolute blast. Compared to the models treated so far, it is a product of another category that requires a much greater expenditure.

Radio Control Helicopter

The differences with what has been seen immediately appear evident if we consider the size of this helicopter 1247 mm in length for a height of 355 mm and a width of 231 mm.

This helicopter is capable of carrying a weight of 1.2 kg (typically carrying a camera to be able to make in-flight locations) and is controlled up to a maximum distance of 1000 meters. With a full fly for about 25 minutes, although it depends on how much weight we loaded.

The air quality is outstanding and you can check to perfection every move. It can resist shocks and dampens well landings a bit abrupt.

For flight enthusiasts, who have already measured with the simplest models and are eager to move on to the professional level, E-Bestar has created a robust radio-controlled helicopter, ideal for aerial filming in otherwise inaccessible places.


Fuel: To faithfully reproduce the actual models and offer exceptional performance, in terms of speed and flight attitude, the helicopter is equipped with a combustion engine, fueled by fuel.

Shooting: The size at which it was designed enable him to load a weight of just over one kilogram, within which are located several types of portable cameras, with which you can turn professional video from a height and at a considerable distance.

Robustness: Even though at the price of higher bulk, this product was made ​​with durable materials that enable it to cope with sudden shocks during flight and emergency landings in case of problems.


Price: As we said from the beginning, this model E-Bestar is aimed at a clientele of professionals, with experience in the piloting of radio-controlled helicopters and willing to pay a considerable sum for a quality product.

These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available.

ACME Zoopa 150

Those approaching the world of flying unmanned wondering how to choose a good radio-controlled helicopter, perhaps surprised by the very low prices of several products. The reality is that these toys in recent years have made great strides, so the average quality is quite high. Nevertheless, some products, such as this, zen effects out for quality and reliability.

This radio-controlled helicopter is one of the best sellers of the year. It can fly both indoors and outdoors (no wind) and you can control from a distance of 60 meters. It has two bei LEDs on the front and fly for about ten minutes before needing to be recharged for a longer time.

It is important to remember to immediately buy a USB cable if you want to recharge via computer or electrical outlet, otherwise there is already a cable to connect to the remote control, which works by six AA batteries (not included with the purchase, reasonable thing saw the helicopter price). Compared to the previous model, it has appeared a bit more fragile and more wear victim (even in battery performance).