Questions and Answers About Being Pregnant

Ahhh! A second stroke, say: a positive pregnancy test! OMG, I’m pregnant!

Whether you trying to get pregnant for a while or it is completely surprising: A positive pregnancy test will lead to some outbursts of feeling and a lot of questions. Because the second line on the test says very clearly: I’m pregnant! A baby grows up in me, which will be an integral part of my life in just a few months! An incredible feeling, but also a time for many questions and uncertainties.

How safe is a positive pregnancy test?

The first question is often: how reliable is a positive pregnancy test? Is the result of 100 percent or can it be wrong? The classic urine pregnancy tests provide very reliable results, provided that they are properly applied. You can do it about two or three weeks after fertilization. The early tests that you can do this a few days after fertilization, are not quite as reliable. It may happen that no pregnancy is displayed even though the result should actually be a positive pregnancy test.

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Positive pregnancy test: 5 important questions and their answers

Endless questions through my head buzzing one after a positive pregnancy test. They allow, then but deep breath. On the five most important you find here an answer.

1. How do I tell it my partner?

A positive pregnancy test comes to you both, that’s why the father of the baby should as soon as possible of them experienced (this also applies if you maybe not is in close contact). There are endless possibilities to inform the others that you are pregnant. With a funny video, baby shoes, or pacifier. The easiest way is still to say it straight out.

Also jointly decide when you tell friends and family. Many couples wait for the first three months, may result in this period more complications and miscarriages.

2. When’s the baby due?

“I am how far and when’s the baby” is another question, which turns the expectant Mama after a positive pregnancy test.Actually a pregnancy takes nine months, ten but rather. It is calculated from the first day of the last period. Expects to 280 days, then have a relatively precise date. The obstetricians and Gynecologists will tell you the rest.

3. When should I go to the gynecologist?

A positive pregnancy test should have a visit at the gynecologist resulted. Call as soon as possible, says that you suspect to be pregnant, and let’s give you a timely appointment. Can you confirm the pregnancy on the one, he explain everything more. What you should look for example, when the child is expected to come, etc.

4. What should I review my diet now?

Anyone become pregnant should make sure in advance on a healthy, balanced diet. Alcohol and cigarettes should hang her on the nail and also not gallons of coffee. Very important: Because most Germans have a slight lack of folic acid, you should get you as a precaution a multivitamin in the pharmacy or drugstore. Just in the first few weeks of pregnancy, a sufficient supply of folic acid is important for the baby to develop healthy.

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At the latest, a positive pregnancy test should be the time to give up alcohol and cigarettes, and focuses more on the nutrition. May for example no longer eaten raw fish, raw milk cheeses (such as Brie) or raw sausages like salami. You should avoid also pre-cut salads.

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5. When must I have to talk to my employer?

The first excitement of the pregnancy has subsided, the question comes up sooner or later, when it submits the message to the Chief. At this point you can breathe again: there is no law that you must have said it to a certain point in time. A positive pregnancy test is not immediately synonymous with a unpleasant date to the head.

The most pregnant women wait for the first three months. But are you working in a hospital, a kindergarten or with hazardous materials, should as soon as possible find the conversation with your boss.