Quechua T2 Ultralight Pro Review

Going for a trek or on a hike for a weekend? Decathlon offers a tent suitable for porting and interesting volume.

Features manufacturer:


  • Length: 215 cm.
  • Width: 130 cm at the head, 110 cm at the base.
  • Height: 108 cm.

Folded tent dimensions: 39 x 17 x 17 cm.

Weight: 2.7 kg.

Self-supporting structure.

  • Ventilation and condensation reduction: 2 large vents at the top to evacuate the hot air and let the air circulate in the tent. It is possible to close them and open them from the inside and the outside.
  • Poles: aluminum 7001 (Ø 8.5 mm) for their lightness and maximum resistance to case-sensitive and freezing. Poles: aluminum angle-shaped.
  • Wind resistance: Decahtlon tests its tents in a tunnel to wind on a turntable to expose sides of the tent to the wind. The tent well mounted with all shrouds well deployed around the tent must remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 70 km/h near the ground.
  • Impermeability: all Quechua tents are validated in the laboratory (TENT FULL under 200 litres/hour/m² and 4 hours!) and test mission. Fabric flysheet polyester coated polyurethane inside, carpet in room 120 g/m² polyethylene. All the seams are taped by thermocollees bands). In room, breathable and water repellent polyester mosquito net allows to avoid contact with the drops of condensation.

What we loved:

Very easy Assembly. Decathlon has thought the Assembly of this tent. Without knowing the system, we have 3 minutes to mount, included sardines. The system is quite ingenious, because everything is in a single block: single and double roofs, and also the Poles (if, if!).

Self-supporting structure. A point that is considered a big more for hiking. To reposition his bivouac tent to choose the flat.

2 openings on each side are a real asset. No need to be a contortionist to get. You open on a good part of the length, and this, on both sides. Very easy so get in his outdoor sleeping bag.This system is, from our point of view, quite revolutionary.

“The 2 lateral openings: a real asset to this tent”

Also allows to open the camping tent to the other, and to have a ventilation.

A significant height for a two person tent. The majority of the latter you cannot you sit.There, no worries, you have a height of 1 m 10. There is no sense of choke as on other models.

A simple rooftop ventilation system, allows to open from the inside of the tent, the Central upper part.

What you liked least:

The tent comes with straight sardines with notch. The operation to anchor the four corners is delicate because the strap difficult to enter the notch. What happens in case of strong wind. We would have preferred for these anchors, classic sardines with a return.However straight sardines are perfect to anchor the shrouds, as the rope gets stuck in the intended notch.

An opening / closing of zipper the tent that tends to get stuck in the fabric.

A weight of 2.7 kg, a little too important to our liking. For hikes or treks over several days, it is best to turn to models more lights (whose prices are also much higher).