Qualcomm, IoE, LTE and Snapdragon

Qualcomm has announced at the Editors Week underway in California some innovations in the Internet of Everything (IoT). Specifically, the company is expanding the platform IoE integrating six new providers: Ayla Networks, Exosite, Kii, Proximetry, Temboo, Xively by LogMeIn. This will contribute to further simplify the development of devices that use Wi-Fi to connect to ecosystems IoE simply increasing flexibility of cloud services and making these solutions that can be implemented globally.

About the Qualcomm

Qualcomm also announced the introduction of two new intelligent connectivity solutions specifically designed for environments IoE. The latter (QCA401x and QCA453) make it possible to ensure better WiFi experience and broaden network capability to connect multiple devices. Both solutions include development platforms to ensure an effective implementation process and with low costs. Note: LTE is an synonym of 3G.

Qualcomm Connected Experiences, also presented additional feature for smart media platform Qualcomm AllPlay that includes Bluetooth capability for streaming audio options, custom WiFi and optimizing synchronization capabilities. In support of this, Hitachi America, Ltd. announced the launch of three new AllPlay-based Wi-Fi speakers.

Qualcomm stresses then as efforts towards IoT are continuing and significant progress has been made to date in the following fields:

  • Smart Home – The AllSeen Alliance, a network of 18 producers and 18 streaming music service providers who have built or announced plans to integrate AllPlay in whole House wireless audio
  • Wearable – Over 20 wearable devices distributed in more than 30 countries, ranging from smart watch to fitness tracker, wearable cameras and digital until eyeglasses
  • Connected Car – more than 20 million vehicles connected around the world are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 3G LTE and modems
  • Smart City – Qualcomm is actively involved in 20 projects to provide smart and sustainable connectivity that helps cities to modernise. These projects include the city’s Wi-Fi, water use, recycling, lighting, transport, energy and infrastructure
  • Connected Healthcare – Qualcomm mobile health Life is building a broad ecosystem, which includes about 500 customers and partners, including Cerner, AMC Health, Roche and Walgreens