Protos X 400: a German 3D Printer

The PRotos X 400 is a 3D printer, which originates from German production. It was developed by the German RepRap GmbH, which was founded only in 2010. The focus of the company is located in the development of 3D printers and individual components of the price here are affordable for everyone. The RepRap GmbH can be found with branches in Feldkirchen and Reinheim and works very closely with the University of bath in the United Kingdom.

Can The Protos X 400

First of all, the PRotos X 400 with a visually appealing design with lots of stainless steel and glass scores. He must not be in a back room, but you can get with him also look to the contracting authority for 3D-Ausdrucke, as their desired objects. And they can have a surface area of 40 times 40 centimeters and a height up to 35 centimeters the PRotos x 400. The total volume of printable objects can be up to 56 litres. The expression achieves high precision through the use of low backlash drive technology for the extruder.

Also the printing speed of the PRotos X 400 can be seen. His jets can emit up to 15 cubic material per second. In the resolution, a thickness of 0.1 mm is possible. As standard, the PRotos X 400 is equipped with a direct drive extruder. An optional addition to a second extruder is possible. It can optionally return a supportive material or a second ink. Unlike in other variants of the 3D printers are not in the visible region of the Fillamentspulen, but were housed in the housing. Ceramic printing bed is optional heated and controlled using a LCD display and a controller, so that the expression even without connection to a PC is possible.

The Key Figures From The Protos X 400

The PRotos X 400 brings approximately 35 kilograms and is suitable for both private and commercial users. His performance could be exploited also for small series production. The 3D printer requires a floor space of 65 times 65 centimetres and is 70 centimeters high. Its structure similar to the modular allows many customization by the user. To get the PRotos X 400 in the online shop of the RepRap GmbH at the price of less than 2,260 Euro including VAT. However, you should consider when buying the PRotos X 400 as a kit to be shipped.