Profile on Instagram Shows Costumes Used by “the Nanny”

If you grew up in the years 90, should have watched the series The Nanny, on Sony Channel or on TV Record, at least once. If you’ve never attended, you may have heard of the famous opening Vignette:

Created and starring Fran Drescher, the series was inspired by the musical the sound of music and classic series I Love Lucy to tell the story of Fran Fine, a cosmetics counter poor, cool and fancy, who becomes nanny of three children in Manhattan and lives causing problems for the boss, the Broadway producer Tennille Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy).

After being canceled in 1999, the sitcom was replayed numerous times as much out there as here in Brazil. These reruns, combined with the fact that she’s now in the Netflix catalog, have made the series a cult classic. Not just dirty humor and crazy characters draw attention, but also the costumes of Fran, so lush and fabulous as she, who contributed to the transformation of character in fashion symbol of the years 90, as much as the Panthers were in the years 70.

Now, Fran style to be given a treatment worthy of the internet age. Long time fan of the show, the American Shanae Brown created What Fran Wore, an account on Instagram dedicated exclusively to discover all that Fran was dressed and put on. Since your inception in May this year, there were more than 200 posts documenting all kinds of clothing, accessories and jewelry used by character accompanied daily by more than 65000 followers. Shanae – contrary to what everyone thinks has no training in fashion (she is nursing assistant) – spoke with the Universe Retro about the project. Check out our chat:

Retro universe – As is your research process? You receive help from other fans?

Shanae Brown- I use several different methods to search for the costumes of Fran. I research programs sets the years 90, old magazines and thrift stores online, and sometimes a simple search on Google is enough. As you might imagine, it takes a long time because all the Psyknowhow she was wearing at the time are now considered vintage and hard to find.

The other fans definitely help me a lot, especially when it comes in pieces of Moschino, because that was a stylist she wore too and these clothes are the easiest to find. Sometimes I get frustrated for having stuck in any piece of clothing, accessory or jewelry and they help me with suggestions or correcting information.

Universe Retro-what was your greatest discovery so far? Do you have any favorite clothes?

Shanae Brown- This is a difficult issue. I don’t know what I’d consider my greatest discovery. Discover the pink skirt and white Rifat Ozbek was a great find for me. I was off and I remember having spent all day searching. I use both Google I got a notification saying that I had blown my daily limit. I didn’t even know this happened. I love the looks of Fran, but my favorite at the moment is a set of Red turtleneck with a Moschino Plaid miniskirt. The list of Favorites changes every day.

Universe Retro-you expect a rebound as big of fans of the series and fashion fans worldwide? Fran Drescher or someone from the team got in touch with you?

Shanae Brown – I knew people liked the Fran and watched The Nanny, because I already had my tumblr followers, but the answer on Instagram has been impressive. When I created the account there, I planned to do only some 20 costumes, but the response was very positive and people were very interested, which challenged me to find new clothes.

Fran Drescher never contacted me, but I know that she knows of the existence of the account because she shared an article from the Huffington Post. Her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson (who was also Executive producer of the series) sometimes comments on some posts. Already the Brenda Cooper, who was the costume designer for the show, got in touch with me. She called me and we spent 30 minutes on the phone talking about the style of Fran. It was kind of surreal.

Retro universe – we are living in a great wave of nostalgia for 90 years. Do you think you can copy the look of Fran without seeming dated? And what’s your tip to do a look inspired by the character?

Shanae Brown- It is more than possible to dress like Fran without being dated, although I think the costumes of the early seasons are dated and more than 80 90 years. My tip for a look a la Fran Fine is bet always in a black blouse (can be a turtleneck or not) and combine it with a miniskirt or pants skinny crazy pattern. This look is her trademark.

Retro – in your opinion universe which is the greatest legacy of the program for fashion?

Shanae Brown-I believe Fran Fine paved the way for the stylish characters who came after her. I always thought that Mindy Kaling was inspired in The Nanny because of the bold and unusual combinations she uses in The series The Mindy Project.