Problems with Wearing High Heel Shoes

Warning To Women Who Wear Shoes Too Tight, A Woman Had To Have A Leg Amputated After Developing A Serious Infection Problem After Using High Heel Shoes New During A Christmas Party.

The caretaker, Lorraine Burnett, of 37 years, ignored the fact that footwear be tightened too much and cause a sensation of pinching the skin, and went to the party, and the next day discovered a red blister on left leg.

“Being a caregiver, I knew what I had to do: cleaned up the site and cover. But after a week, it hurt so bad I couldn’t walk and I went to the doctor and I were prescribed antibiotics. “she said to the Mirror Newspaper.

But the treatment didn’t work, and before long, she couldn’t walk again in considerable pain, then was transferred to Ninewells Hospital, in Scotland. “I had infection after infection” as nothing worked, doctors said that the solution would be to cut off the contaminated part or so she’d have pain for the rest of his life. Lorraine decided to have his leg amputated.

She believes that having diabetes type 2, has compounded your picture of infections since the disease impedes blood circulation.

Dangers Of Using Tight Shoes

A person may experience numerous disorders to make the wrong choice of footwear, according to shoe-wiki. “The first symptoms are the formation of blisters and calluses, mainly on the fingers and the heel. Come to grief on the plantar aspect of the foot, the discomfort when walking and the great relief when removing the shoe “, describes the orthopedic surgeon Antonio Borja, a member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

According to Antonio, the devotees of the motto “elegance above all” should review their concepts, “while stressing the inadequate model, the person may experience the formation of neuromas [nerve tumor], callosity interdigital Plantar regions and, accent and Bunion development and plantar Fasciitis [inflammation of the sole of the foot],” says orthopedic surgeon.

Besides these problems, the use of wrong shoes, can help the appearance of varicose veins, the physician rheumatologist Roberto e. Heymann explains that the use of an inappropriate footwear can cause pain in the calf, knee and lumbar spine, as well as facilitate the appearance of varicose veins.

Tips to avoid the problem:

Avoid shoes that squeeze the middle part of the foot (the metatarsals).

Before you buy, keep the footwear at least ten minutes and try to walk around the store.

If the shoe is fair, don’t take it. Remember that at the end of the day your feet swell and the situation complicates.

And have you ever had problems with tight shoes?