Press News Is Seen in Honeycomb

Fans and addicts, the feeds and RSS will know that Android has a lot of applications for such purpose. The official client for Google Reader, Newsrob, GReader…all of them are similar but different at the same time.

Among this large cast has always Press News by its fantastic design. A news reader really attractive and different with a very visual structure. Its great handicap was the mismanagement of the display and the navigation through the menus. All very nice but impractical in reality.

However with the imminent arrival of the Android tablets, and therefore the appearance of devices with more screen, seems that at last Press News will be a truly useful, beautiful and intuitive customer in the next version for Honeycomb.

Taking advantage of the launch of Honeycomb and the great interest that has prompted community Alphonso Labs, developers of Press News, they have decided to show how will be the version of your application in the Android tablets.

As we can see in the video animations are really fluid and screen space management is much better than in smartphones. Browse through the news is now much easier and it does that we not lose between the thumbnails. Furthermore the integration of individual news pages and the carousel is great.

While we hope that Honeycomb comes out officially and the large size as the Motorola Xoom Tablet You can try free of charge the current version of Press News optimized for smartphones.