Pregnant and Hair Salon

Some women can’t even imagine spending nine months away from the Salon for reasons of: progressive brush. If you are pregnant, dear reader, you better forget straightening throughout gestation and lactation period. “The procedure is not indicated during pregnancy because it contains formaldehyde, a substance that can bring risks to the health of the baby, but the mother,” says OB-GYN Sundays Mantelli, São Paulo.

And there’s no point coming with the excuse that the method your hairdresser is 100% safe and secure. Every Salon uses a formula and is almost impossible to distinguish which has formaldehyde. The gynecologist and obstetrician Alessandra Rubino, the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (SP), endorse: “in the application, the product touches the scalp, and this simple touch is enough for the body to absorb”. It is valid to remember that the amount of formaldehyde allowed in cosmetic products by Anvisa is only 0.2%. When in doubt, the best thing to do is dispense with the progressive while your baby is in the belly.

Fall into sameness for so long hair scare you? You’ve come to the right place! We already showed how to make a beautiful herringbone braid, a ponytail sex and even how to use handkerchief tied over the head. And hey, you have a green light to discolor the wires with lights, which, according to Alessandra, not baby friendly, nor mom, from the second trimester of pregnancy. Make use of homemade moisturizers recipes with fruit (we’ve also published masks with papaya and avocado, just click) is another great option. Read more on maternity site at