Pope Slows iPhones in United States

A visit of the Pope is a big event, but for would-be iPhone owners can visit become with a little fly in the ointment-their new iPhones may be delayed.

Pope slows iPhones. It is not a phrase one hears every day, and fortunately-if one goes up in his iPhone so if that does not happen in Denmark just preliminary. In the northeast United States, however, it is a different matter.

The head of the Catholic Church comes for a visit in Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia, and that means a series of security measures, which can delay delivery of iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus 6s.

Apple has sent a shipment of phones off, but UPS, which is one of Apple’s shipping companies, has announced that some sites will not be shared packages out during the visit.

FedEx, which is the second of Apple’s shipping companies, has not yet announced whether the Pope’s visit is going to affect their supplies.

The Pope will visit the United States from the 22. to the 27. September, and it is located right on top of the day, you can grab the latest iPhones-it is for the 25. September.