Plush Nails How to Make – Pictures, Models

Models of Plush Nails

The Plush Nails are in the latest fashion trends, check out today’s post how to make this new decoration.And if you like delicate nails nothing better than staying inside of this new model, and you can do whenever you need to go on a different and special occasion.

The models of Plush Nails are all different, they are very modern models, so it is worth checking how to do, and who is a teenager will love this novelty. And the good thing is that the plush nail is very easy to make. If you want to learn how to make Plush Nails check out below:

-The plush nails are easy to make, see what are the materials needed: enamel of the preferred color, peel color of the enamel;
-With only these two items you can make the nail you want. First you have to leave your nail ready to be enameled, so fuck it and leave it the way you like it;
-You have to pass two layers of enamels, and the second when the nail is a bit soft still you will throw the wig over, it is important that the enamel is still soft for this, so that it glues on the enamel, and not nothing more.

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He saw how easy it is to make nails of step by step, and you can go changing color, and etc, is at your discretion and creativity, each nail model more beautiful and more different than the other.

And we separated here some photos of Plush Nails, check below and get the models for you to do on your nail. And the models of Plush Nails are very different even, each model more beautiful than the other: