Pike With Deadbaits

Pike with deadbaits is one of the best ways, especially in winter, to catch big Pike. The Pike is in winter in places where sik today draws, and is close to each other. In view of the cold water, is still a big Pike in winter, preferably as close as possible near the bottom, in order to collect food with minimal effort. The perfect moment to strike with dead bait fish. ACEs – is one of the easiest ways to fish for Pike. It’s a lot easier when fishing with lures. Only those who are fishing with bait in the right way and carry the lures can make lively enough for an interesting object for Pike, catch a Pike. It is also a very effective method to capture particularly large Pike, m. The big m Pike thinks it’s much more fun to take a dead bait fish, than to hunt and consume too much energy in the cold water. The narrower and less Pike, particularly the male, however, are often active and often chasing bait fish.

Where will you be in winter

In the colder periods of the year their prey and bait fish are often found in obstacles or protected sites. Minnow lures mainly to places where bridges, culverts or other forms of protection can be found.Think of a bridge over a canal or over a Marina where many boats can be found near each other, these are ideal places where white fish like to hide; Whitefish are breeding grounds of Pike, Pike follows sik also all year round. In the winter they move so with protection and is located near the school with whitefish. In winter, the Pike is also near gathered to watch.

What bait you can use?

There are many different types of lures that can be used for ice fishing. You hereby grant to first think about what type of bait that are there are in the vicinity of the Pike. In this case, it is mainly Roach, silver bream, or tiny bream. But in addition, you can also think of a base that has a bit more eye catching display.

In addition to the fish that can be found in the nature of a Pike is, you can also think about fish that have seen a Pike perhaps never in his life. You can think of sardines, herring, smelt, mackerel and horse mackerel. It’s the fish that are not in the cute Dutch waters. The advantage of this bait fish is that they often give off a strong odor and oil in the water, which can do a Pike curious.

Keep the bait fish
The bait, you can save the best frozen home in the freezer. When you go fishing, it is good if the fish is not yet completely defrosted when you get to the water. This can be done for example by placing the bait in a cooler in which a number of ice packs is added. This will ensure that the bait fresh and delicious, especially the continued strong, strength important during ejection of lines.
Carry bait fish
When fishing for Pike no will initially remember to continue, while fishing for white fish and carp is actually very common. But this can make the difference to tempt Pike and to arouse interest, especially when fishing with bait on the bottom. It is important not to do too much in the Pike, just two or three bait fish disperse into smaller pieces around the fishing here is enough.