Photograph of a White 4 Nexus Filters

Seems that normality is gradually reigning section of the Google Play Store devices, the stock problems devices such as the Nexus 4 or the tablet Nexus 10 already seem to be resolved and we are seeing as it is possible today to precisely set aside them in many countries.

What I didn’t expect is that news such as that we might discover as a result of a filtered capture, in which appears a Nexus 4 reach of white color, a model that rumours were heard long ago, but nothing serious.

Apparently, the metadata of the image reveal that it was taken with a LG Optimus G last week, and, according to an intensive study of the EXIF data and the image, has revealed that the same It has not changed Photoshop, so it has all the ballots be real.

We can see, at a glance, that photo is really convincing, even we can see the reflective pattern typical of the back cover of a Nexus 4 black.

What we don’t know is when it will appear, but other data that you can convince us of its existence, without notice by Google, it is the output of the Nexus 7 of 32 GB and 3gs several months after the departure of the original Nexus 7. Google could repeat the surprise perfectly with this device (and would be a point in its favor, given the questionable popularity that you are giving the endless delays of renewal of stock).