Pepephone Eliminates The Benefit of Can Redeem Their Consumption by Car Rental

Not everything will be good news in what surrounds the OMVs and although today it happens regularly with large operators parthners, it is of the disappearance of one of the benefits that supported the offer of Pepephone, concretamene the possibility to redeem consumption in telephony for car rentals already not be available because Pepephone has not renewed the agreement which had with Pepecar since the month of May 2011.

The reason is that despite being of companies belonging to the Globalia, the management of both group has become different hands. However, the agreement with Air Europa is maintained without undergoing any change so users of Pepephone may continue redeeming the consumption by flights of the company as up to now and to reassure customers, has confirmed that any change in this respect, warn a year until it entered into force.

In fact, tropezón minimum operators as Pepephone can afford if we consider their rates and service. Now need to see what they end up replacing it since the operator States that they are studying another type of cross benefits.