Pepephone Cut Its Rate to Speak and Surf and Now What?

The margins to lower rates will reduce. We started with decreases in rates of 1 cent in one, spent a half penny and the latest cuts represent 0.1 cents off the lowest rates. It debases that you apply automatically to all customers but will what really mean that savings?

“ once ” only by mobile Eroski with 2.5 cents/min in Exchange for a higher monthly fee, Pepephone set your rate to speak and surf Rat and elephant in 2.8 cents/minute in Exchange for the compulsory recruitment of the bonus data of 501 MB for 6.90 euros and keeping the price of messages to 9 cents/SMS.

Any improvement is always welcome but taking into account it will not mean big monthly savings with respect to the previous rate of 2.9 cents per minute, What services should improve or lower in order to continue competing now? Is it the time of unlimited data rates with reduction of speed? What would you like to improve?