Pens of Konad to Remove Cuticle

Konad Cuticle Remover Pen-

The female beauty rituals involve many things and, especially, to achieve them it takes time, patience and dedication, which so often lacking for many women. With the rush of everyday life, do all these things, how to hydrate the body and hair, shaving, take care of the cuticles, hydrate them and painting her nails.

In addition to all of this a little time consuming to complete, not all women who have the necessary skills to do all this alone, at home. For that, they need to go to the salon to take care of beauty. Lack of time is the main enemy of female care, because of this, every day emerge news designed to facilitate women’s access to such care.

The novelty of the moment are the pens that reduce the cuticle via, without you having to cut it with pliers. The brand manufacturer of novelty is the Konad, the pen comes with three extra tips so that you can perform the maintenance over time of use. In 30 seconds, the product can be absorbed through the cuticle. In addition to less work, she also avoids those injuries that sometimes arise while you take the cuticles. The pen also has the power to moisturize the nails, which usually don’t do.

The substance contained in the pen has almond oil and lavender essence. It can be used with or without enamel on the nail. Its texture is soft and leaves the nail levinha. The suggested retail price is R $19.95. Is on sale at perfume shops or on the site of Konad.