Pebble Launches Time Round: Thinnest and Lightest Smartwatch

Pebble is ready with new stylish smartwatch, who boasts to be the thinnest and lightest smartwatch: meet Pebble Hour Round.

You know probably Pebble as the producer behind the small, square plastiksmartwatch, which was funded through the website Kickstarter and beat all previous records.
Much has happened since, where, among other things, agency our site Hour have seen the light of day for7 months ago. Now Pebble reveal the latest Watch collection, which goes by the name Pebble Hour Round, because the clock this time is-Yes, around.

Thinnest and lightest smartwatch in world

Unlike most other producers of smartwatches have Pebble made a great virtue of cutting many of the extra millimeter of that has come on the thickness of smartwatches. That is why Pebble Hour Round only 7.5 mm thin and weighing a mere 28 grams is the holder of the title as both Pebble the thinnest and lightest chic watch in all over the world.

What also jumps into eyes at first look at Pebble Hour Round is the – to put it mildly – huge edge, which is around the screen. Area constitutes the great edge indeed, over 50% of the clock, so there is a long way to, what, for example, Motorola performs with Moto 360-unclean.

In return you get a battery life that sounds in two days, and it takes no more than 15 minutes to charge the watch to get even a day’s use out of it. This is due, among other things, the use of an e-ink screen, which are extremely energy efficient, even if the quality and resolution is not near the LCD or AMOLED screens in most other smartwatches. In sunlight, you can easily read what it says on the Pebble Hour Round.

Works with both Android and iOS

On the software side running clock with Pebbles own timeline-control system, which is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. With Pebble-watches have you always notifications by your side, just as you also can run different apps, decorate it with clock faces and use it as fitnesstracker.

Pebble screws also well up for the possibilities to personalize the clocks with Pebble Hour Round, where you can choose between two sizes of straps: 20 or 15 mm. The clock is available in black, silver and a special rose gold color as seen with the latest iPhone.


Price and availability

Pebble Hour Round can already preorder online at our site, where there is the supply to the whole world about 6-8 weeks. The price is $ 249 or 1,650 dollars. The november month can also be bought in physical stores Agency in United States and Canada, where it is at the beginning of 2016 comes to European stores.