Patent Leather Handbags

Patent leather Bags, a must for the spring summer 2015. Sparkling, colorful and are adapted to any look: these are the most interesting and coolest models.

Patent leather handbag, not everyone loves her because usually if there is good quality tends to crack, but you may not know yet that this type of bag will be a must for spring summer 2015 and that our favorite designers have found a good base for us to love.

Are scholarships that thanks to special workings are virtually waterproof, easy to clean but difficult to spot and that fit perfectly in a very casual look but also a decidedly formal outfit: the same exact model we can wear either leisure both for so-called big events. Let’s discover thetrendiest paint bags of spring summer 2015!

With regard to sizes and colors there is an embarrassment of choice. We start with the oversize bags for day and ends the day with a stylish clutch to hold in your hands. Wide choice regarding nuance: they range from the most romantic colors such as pale pink to dark colors through the pastel shades, the most popular of the season. Impossible not to find a color you like!

For BagLib, for example, the patent leather handbag is not new, and is part of his Armani Jeans collections, but this year we find ourselves in more classic version among the bags in the new Emporio Armani collection. After the oversized patent leather shopper of Arman, arrive on a small Strawberry red Versace and Christian Louboutin purple clutch. In any case, whatever the model, the keyword for spring summer is “color”. Knows also Chanel, which reinterprets the classic 2.55 and EC proposes in a pink eccentric that is highlighted by the finish in paint, but do not go unnoticed even very neutral tones nor the classic Gucci handbag dark to Guess and pollens. To discover the most beautiful patent leather bags models of season we invite you to visit our gallery, there are beaches for all tastes, colours and sizes available!