Pastel Trend Spring Summer 2016

The pastel is back in the summer. We love clothes and accessories color lozenge chewable!

Irresistibly regressive, the pastel trend makes us gentle eyes in spring-summer 2016 as almost every year to offer us wish to tender looks. To adopt the pastel without marshmallow, follow our instructions and our rooms shoppez shots heart. In subtle touches by the accessory for the more timid as a total look for the most daring, the pastel is on all fronts fashion this season. At each choose sides bags, belts, scarves, shoes and jewelry will give the reply in soft colors for discrete who like to choose their favorite accessories according to their desires: the bag on the stock exchange, the basketball to shoe, there to for everyone and each can find a shoe to fit. Hand jewelry , we mainly put on the colored enamel, small stones and pearls. A host of accessories to mix and matcher envy. Dressing side, it adopts the trend with a key piece that combines in complete sobriety with basic everyday. A blouse pastel with a simple jeans, a nice skirt or trousers with a suit jacket and a shirt or a dress or a trench … beautiful pastel comes to infinity.

And to give a boost to the colors baby, do not hesitate to be innovative! Why not “rockabiliser” a pastel dress with a perfect style leather jacket for a little look bad girl? It also dares to mix with metallic shades like gold, silver or rose gold that is ultra-trendy right now, guaranteed!
We do not forget the print which gives a touch of modernity to our candy colors, this is our best place to adopt the pastel gently while giving free rein to our originality.
At the heart of the summer, it energizes the few neon notes that enhance all their flashy colors.
Finally, total look we adopt way color block for more chic. We choose our favorite candy colors that coordinates graphically for a tender and regressive elegance.