Panasonic Will Climb to 5 Inches with Eluga Power

Format hybrid smartphone-tablet that gave Samsung the Galaxy Note life is having success is something that we already knew with the launch of the Vu by LG Optimus. Now this reaffirms the commitment of Panasonic entering the world of the 5 inch.

It’s Eluga Power, a large with double heart core terminal S4 to 1.5 GHz Snapdragon and Android Ice Cream Sandwich of factory, which comes to directly compete with the terminal before mentioned. In its 5 inch one looks LCD (1280 x 720) HD resolution at a thickness of 9.6 mm.

On the issue of the battery, if we already mentioned of Optimus Vu which stayed short with their 2. 080mAh, this terminal is to loop the loop with a scarce 1. 800mAh, taking into account the size of the screen. The good part is that this terminal has a quick charging system, that with access to a plug you can load approximately 50% in half an hour.

It has a rear camera with sensor of 8 megapixels with video recording in Full HD 1080 p, in addition to the required front, of which details are unknown. All this with 8GB of internal storage expandable with microSD up to 32GB extra in just 133g weight.

In short, a large terminal dimensions similar to others that we have already seen above, although perhaps more elongated proportions. The biggest decision that is seen is the battery, doubtful to endure intense days in these enormous 5 inch. Surely we have videos and more information about all these terminals during the MWC.