Panama Hat

Focus on: The stalk position of the modern wardrobe is distinctly modest. An exception during the summer season is the panama hat. A ikonförklarad accessory, as stylish to suit as a day at the beach.

Panama Hat history extends far back. Spanish conquistadors reached Ecuador in the early 1500 ‘s and discovered natives strange headgear. The story says that the light and somewhat translucent hats first were mistaken to be skin from vampires. Around 1630 established a number of smaller Hat repair in provinsernarna Guya and Manabí at Ecuador’s coast. The hat was called mainly for “jipijapa” and the Toquilla palm, after the plant which is the base material to the hat.

Ecuador quickly became a major exporter of coffee, sugar and kakoa, which were shipped to Europe via Panama. Thus believed to even the first hats have reached Europe sometime in the 1700 ‘s. Originally used panama hat by workers at the plantation, but with skilled craftsmen and refined form grew the interest in this accessory even among wealthier customers.

In the early 1800 ‘s, a more organized the export of panama hat to Europe and the United States, which quickly made panama hat to an important commodity for Ecuador. Under a world trade fair in Paris 1855 got the hat. Fibre fineness impressed the French and when later Napoleon III had a “montecristo fino” came the hat quickly in vogue.

Hat on all images Panama 1924,

The one who had the strongest impact for the stalk spread, however, is Theodore Roosevelt, 1906 was photographed with a panama Hat during an inspection of the Panama Canal. Since then, the style icons that Churchill carried the hat that even synits in a variety of movies. Often mentioned Montecristo in the context, which is the name of the village in Ecuador, where some of the finest panama hats are produced.

Base material for panama hats Toquilla palm plant. The plant is characterized by its long and thin fibers arising from the country’s hot and humid climate. To produce a hat is a time consuming process. The first stage consists of selecting the finest leaves from the plant and then remove any thick parts. The thinnest and finest fibres are cooked for then dry. Lastly, bleached fibres by added over a fire. All steps of the process from the selection of the best plants for the final belkningen is central to stalk quality.
Quality is determined by the fibres ‘ thinness and number of woven lines in Hat Crown. The thinner the finer. The finest qualities, Superfinos, can take up to four months for a person to produce and the art is mastered only around twenty craftsmen in the world.
-It is possible to get copies of the panama hat for 200 dollars, but then lost the whole feeling. This really is a craft. A panama hat of good quality can be almost a lifetime, says Jacob Höglund, founder of the online store which just started selling hand-made panama hats from Ecuador.

The shape arises in large part after pressing by means of iron. The stalk, various models and styles are named after major hat manufacturers like Borsalino and Stetson. Borsalino is the most common model today, with the inbuktande Crown and a slightly falling screen. The Moldable material also allows the hat to easily be able to pack in your bag.
-The main advantage is that it is so easy to fold and take with them for the holidays. I think many had pulled out from that pack the CAP if it took up lot of space in your suitcase. Now we just have to fold it into its box and then shape it when taking it up again. It does, of course, that the wearer can decide if the stalk, the feeling must be smooth or slightly wrinkled, says Jacob.

How do carrier best care of his panama Hat?
-It is made of a living material that need moisturized. One tip is that when the hat starts to feel dry or before/during winter storage dampen the hat by holding it over the boiling water and let the steam penetrate the fibers. An alternative is to moisten it lightly using a bloom syringe filled with warm water. Similarly, the hat only to curl when it shall be packed down in the bag. It should preferably not be stored rolled up.

Stylistically, do you have any advice from Thesciencetutor for people who feel uncomfortable in the hat?
-It is important to not feel dressed up. You must wear it at times when it feels natural, like a sunny day at the country place, golf course, holiday or sailing boat. What makes it interesting is that it really is possible to carry to all types of clothing. Everything from costumes to swimming trunks and rumpled shirt. It is as much a very stylish accessory as a good sunscreen.

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