Led in Frankfurt: Light in Building

Light + building: an absolute highlight in Frankfurt! At the light + building event, many buildings and historic buildings of the city of Frankfurt, in the right light are moved each year. The light + building fair is one of the largest events in the area of lighting and lighting installations. Lights are used for the design of the individual light artworks increasingly LED, to reach a particular variety in the choice of colors and at the same time as little as possible to consume energy. Continue reading

Learn to Assemble Your Kit n.r. ‘s in the Bag

Bag of woman is always that thing: fits all! The bigger the better. Now, you have situations that you can’t take a big bag, and the small, delicadinha, is the best choice. Yet there are things in the life of a woman who can’t help but take. Emergency stuff, for example.

Broke the leap, tore the skirt, hit that colic or even painted that bad breath after dinner, every self-respecting woman has to walk prevented, no?

Continue reading

Simple Decorated Nails

Nail models with simple decorations – step by step

Decorated nails are at an all-time high for a while and every day appear more news. However, not always these decorations that have seen trend are the easiest to reproduce at home without going to the manicure. If you want to learn simple options to do it alone, check out the walkthrough below: Continue reading

Via Uno Summer Collection

Via Uno has been many years in the market and is known for the quality and beauty of its footwear and accessories such as bags, belts and wallets. Now in 2012/2013, the brand has prepared a collection of summer quite cheerful and full of trends, to make the Brazilian women even more beautiful and powerful, using one of the most beloved by the female audience, the shoes. Continue reading

Ideas for Decorating the Christmas Table Golden

This week I decided to take advantage of that it’s almost Christmas (YAY!) to shoot 3 super special tables for you and help you lack ideas for decorating! Wanted to do 3 very different proposals: a super chic in Golden tones to a more formal Christmas dinner, another more traditional in the colors red and green for a family dinner and finally, a child theme for those who have many children. Continue reading

São Paulo to Earn More 64.5 Km of Bicycle Routes

If The Goal Is Met, It Will Be About 2 Kilometers More Tracks Per Di. This Saturday, CET Will Implement Another 13.4 Km Of Bike Paths In The Capital

The City Hall announced Friday that it will deliver another 64.5 kilometers of bike paths in the month of September. If the goal is met, it will be about 2 kilometers more of tracks per day in São Paulo. Only this Saturday, 06, the Traffic Engineering Company (CET) will implement another 13.4 km of bike paths in the capital. Continue reading

How to Choose a Wedding Dress

To choose the wedding dress, besides, of course, be on the inside of the main fashion trends, it is necessary to be attentive to your personal style, you can be romantic, sensual or more modern. To know exactly what kind of dress, bouquet, jewelry and shoes go well with you. To help, broke up some tips. Check out! Continue reading

Leandro Overall Represents Brazil in the Bmx World Championship

Athlete GT Bicycles Faces The Best Of The Category In Cologne, Germany.

The athlete GT Bicycles Leandro Overall will be the Brazilian representative in the BMX Cologne, one of the most important tests of BMX worldwide. The competition, which runs from July 18 to 20 in Cologne, Germany, will feature the Dirt, Superbowl and Flatland categories. Continue reading

Men’s Jeans Jackets for the Rock in Rio

ELLUS completes 45 years of history – created in 1972 by Nelson Alvarenga, currently the brand has creative direction of Adriana Bozon and since 2008 is part of the portfolio of brands of the holding Inbrands – and is launching denim jackets that honor Route 66, one of the great symbols of rock. Continue reading

New Drinks and Dishes for Winter in Sympa in Gardens

Full-bodied, cocktails with rum, rum and gin, are the stakes of the new letter of drinks of Sympa, newly opened in the gardens, to heat this winter. Launched in April, the letter presents the influences and creative bartender Laertius Silva, better known as Zulu, voted best bartender from Brazil in 2014, by Diageo World Class-leading the world cocktail competition. Continue reading