Paddle Tennis Sneakers, What We Should Keep in Mind?

Inside our equipment to play paddle tennis a very important factor is to bring appropriate footwear. As important as the shovel, footwear gives us contact with the track and will help us to move comfortably. What should we keep in mind when choosing our paddle footwear?

These are the aspects which iamhigher recommends to be considered in your choice:

Stability: there has to be a good marriage between the shoe and the ground, the presence of a stabilizing element will always give us greater security.

Subject: for a good grip should be a good cohesion between the foot and the shoe, heel and forefoot reinforcements are important to improve this aspect.

Cushioning: good cushioning allows us to reduce the shock wave at the time of impact with the ground, concepts and materials present in the insole and midsole help to attenuate the intensity of the shock. This is a section which brands work with great care and that each one has its own technology.

Comfort: feeling of well-being of the foot, in short the absence of discomfort, aspects that can help us to a good comfort are ventilation or breathability of the shoe and the flexibility of the shoe (although this last aspect is very subjective).

Resistance: here we talk first of the SOLEPLATE, this gives us the grip necessary to carry out all movements without suffering any slip that may cause injury to us. We are now offering slippers herringbone sole or sole omni (known as tacos or points), this is again a very subjective aspect, we have to be clear is that the sole must always have some relief. In terms of resistance, we are talking about the life of the shoe, the integration of specific and abrasion-resistant materials present above all in the inner side of the foot, toe and sole make it to lengthen the life of the shoe.

What is the most important for you in paddle tennis sneakers?