Oxygen US in OnePlus 2 Updated to Version 2.1

An update to version 2.1 of Oxygen US in OnePlus 2 rolls just now out, which brings new features in the camera and improvements, among other things with it.

OnePlus’ latest rate, which simply goes by the name OnePlus 2, receives a major update in these days. It is the software Oxygen US, updating from version 2.0.2 to 2.1 in a so-called “over the air”-update.
According to a summary from OnePlus forum announces the Chinese company below that the news in version 2.1 of Oxygen:

Manual camera mode
OnePlus ‘ own kameraapp now appears in a new camera mode when you swiper in from the left side. It’s called Manual and provides, as its name indicates, manual settings. Here you get full control over ISO-values (auto or anything from 100 to 1600), exposure (auto, fluorescent, incandescent, daylight and cloudy), shutdown time (auto, 1/8000, 1/1000, 1/125, 1/15, 0.5, 4 or 30 seconds) and manual focusing.

Support for RAW photography for third party apps
If you want to take pictures in RAW format with the option to collect all photo details and post-process the images, it is now also possible in tredjepartskameraapps such as Manual Camera and Camera FV-5. It opens up the potential for better images taken with OnePlus 2.

Slider to change the color temperature
In Settings ‘ Screen is a new option in the top where you come to with a simple shoot button or slider can adjust the color temperature. Here you can change it from cool to warm, or you can select a color temperature in the Middle, as it is on by default.

Support for Exchange accounts
If you are using a Microsoft Exchange e-mail, there is now full support for adding such a with OnePlus 2. It takes place inside the ‘ Account Settings ‘ add account, where Exchange is now an option.

Fix for problems with popular third party apps
With OnePlus 2 has several users had problems with certain third party apps such as Snap with chat and Messenger (Google’s SMS app). These problems are now fixed, tells OnePlus.

Finally, a bug with enabling and disabling airplane mode also directed, such that the phone no longer goes into stalemate.

As always with such software updates will be deployed gradually to more and more devices to any errors can be detected in good time before they affect too many.

However, as always, you can check yourself by going into the Settings» On your phone ‘ System update. If there is not yet any update ready, there is nothing else than to wait patiently.