Overview: Test of HTC One Max, Allan Simonsen Gets Own Application and Samsung Is “King” of Android

Here you can get an overview of the past week’s most read news, which among other things includes the test of HTC One Max.

There is talk about Allan Simonsen ALL places and some hate it others love it. You are one of those who seem to be Allan Simonsen in dancing with the stars and like to go all the way, so is the new application for Android “wild With Allan” certainly something for you.Here you will be voting on Allan no matter how many times the TV 2 change the code.

There are a number of producers on the Android platform, but there is no doubt that it is Samsung that dominates the platform.

John g. has previously praised HTC One in the notification of this and now he has had the HTC One Max under scrutiny, you have the past week could read how it performs through the test.

The week has also featured modest about that LG G Flex comes in trade on the Danish market during the first quarter of 2014.