Outdoor Clever Casio Watches Go on the Market. For How Many you Can Buy?

The market is the end of this week receive anticipated smart watch from a master in the field – Casio. These watches, which Casio just said, we have already informed you in January. Specifically, the model Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10. The price tag, which was set at 500 USD  (approximately CZK 12 000 at http://www.insidewatch.net/guides_calvin-klein-watches-blog/) might seem high, but it has its justification.

Whether you are a runner, hiker, hiker, climber or discoverer of unexplored areas may be clever Casio watches handy complement your outfit right. The market is a lot of watches that care of his appearance and every millimeter of thickness is trying to hide some eloquent argument. Relatively little is on the market watches the brave, where nobody minds that look a bit more robust, and that you’re not tune to wear. Casio WSD-F10 these are, but they also have reason to its size.They are built to withstand the most wear on the busiest of lifestyles.

Watch screen is somewhat smaller than we might expect. Offering a diameter of 1.32 ” . For that, but it boasts a double layer technology, which because of its ability to switch between color and monochrome display allows the longest possible battery life on a single charge.

Watch the WSD-F10 are thus prepared for your active adventures, whether it’s hiking, running or just fishing. They will not play in glamorous stylish watches that are suitable for any occasion. But will reward you with extended battery life and a really great resilience, which provide no other smart watches. Yes, the price is slightly higher, but if you want quality outdoor, must reckon with the fact that I was going to be something happen.

If you would like to order a watch, you can do so in the shop Casio or in overseas markets, such as Amazon and REI. Expect then but rather with local customs duty.