Organic Cotton Clothes for Babies

Grown without pesticides or chemicals, organic cotton clothes for babies is the best solution. Find out why!

Organic Cotton Clothes for Babies

The organic cotton clothes for babies comes from cotton prepared in organic farming, being thus a natural matter grown without pesticides or chemicals.

This policy sets with conscience, defend if the preservation of natural cotton and features to your raw material, since the color to texture.

In this way, the pieces do not suffer with the use of bleach, colourings or industrial fabric softeners.

In BESTAAH you can access to an exclusive section of organic cotton clothes for babies, including sleepwear, outerwear, tops, pants, etc, with soft, practical, modern pieces to satisfy the cravings of the moms and little ones and with practical closures or elastic waistband, which are constant presences in the clothes of the baby, day or night.

Why choose organic cotton?

The adoption of organic cotton like garment for your baby has the following advantages:

  • It’s hypoallergenic:cotton was produced without synthetic applications of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and suffered chemical transformations of the textile industry;
  • Provides greater comfort:regardless of your baby has sensitive skin or not;
  • Offers greater resistance and durability of textiles at washes:even in washing machines, since fulfilled the recommendations indicated on the labels with washing instructions.

6 organic cotton clothes for babies

From birth up to the early years of life, organic cotton clothing will provide comfort and protection to your baby.

1. Lot of 3 bodies in pure cotton

With motifs of small boats, with short sleeves, these three bodies are a practical and engaging model, to offer the baby even more comfort and softness, and always preserving the environment.

2. cotton Pajamas

This light yellow smooth Pajamas is an essential piece for the arrival of the baby. Available in other colors, but always with the most important: comes in organic cotton.

3. white cotton Pajamas

Very smooth and convenient, this Pajama is ideal for newborns and premature infants. The your baby will look like a cloud of cuteness with this Pajamas dress.

4. Overall in molleton

For boy and girl. This jumpsuit in molleton Bio collection-pale gray offers extra security and is so soft and comfortable that it will be a pleasure to wear and use.

5. Coat in molleton for baby

Easy to care for, ultra-comfortable and irresistible style. This jacket promises to be a loyal and reliable company for those colder days.

6. Nest in tricot with lining

A real nest of softness, perfect for the output of motherhood, for visits with her grandparents, for a trip to the doctor.

Features full opening with side zip, zip, a protection hood with buttons, belt inside self-adhered loop to hold the baby and a jersey lining stamped and totally padded.

The your baby has never been so protected, fashion and eco-friendly!