Odd Blazer With Jeans

Hi Manolo! First I would like to take this opportunity to thank for a great blog! Since my question; I’ve been looking around a lot but I can’t find a good vårkavaj-do you have any good tips for a student’s wallet? And now that summer is approaching, it is sensible to invest in a full suit and make use of the jacket with a pair of jeans for a living? Grateful for answers!

With kind regards,

Johan Sundkvist

Traditionally, it is not directly recommended to use a kostymkavaj to jeans or other uddabyxor. Today, however, this rule must be seen as slightly outplayed and several of today’s costumes are designed precisely to be able to use just the jacket or kostymbyxorna to something else. However, it is important to break out of the jacket with a pair of pants in very different material and color. Try to never seek a kostyms device with a blazer in pants that don’t belong together. Some argue, however, that the patterned suits should not be broken up in order to use the suit and pants separately. I think, however, that this rule had its day and uses a pinstriped blazer with jeans.

However, it is not always easy to match a Blazer with a pair of jeans in a neat way.Personally I avoid all jackets with a little shinier fabrics with jeans and prefer wool, cotton and linen fabrics, which wont fit better to denimtygets carpet surface. It is fairly difficult to give general tips for jackets as this depends a lot on what kind of body type you have. Here are three suggestions that hopefully will be able to inspire a little:

Linnekavaj H & M ($ 798)–H&M modern classic with its line has a lot of neat suits/jackets at really good prices. In addition, with cool modern fit, making it perfect for jeans. The jacket above is a classical model in 100% linen. Perfect for a warm summer evening. Useless for a glass of red.

Clubblazer Charles Tyrwhitt (199pund)-Clubblazer is a classic that works great with jeans and really a must have in every man’s wardrobe. This from Charles Tyrwhitt of wool and cashmere.

Acne Share–one of my favoritkostymer this is a new version of our Stock Acnes. Linen blended with wool gives a matte and free kostymtyg perfect with jeans. Available in gray and dark blue. The price tag is slightly higher and is located at about 4100.